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The Company

APOS is the system integrator for spectroscopy-based measurement systems in the wood industry. APOS offers solutions for the panel board and pulp and paper industries, as well as for the thermal use of wood.

APOS’ strength is its expertise in the field of spectroscopic measurement technologies and distinctive application knowledge in terms of material and thermal use of wood on the other hand.

APOS uses hardware components from its sister companies to assemble robust spectroscopy system hardware. APOS applies its proprietary hardware and software solutions and calibrations to provide turnkey measurement solutions to worldwide customers.

Our systems are delivered ready-to-operate, with easy to use end user applications. Solving the customer’s problem is our highest priority. The goal is always to deliver significant operational benefits to the customer, combined with short payback periods.

APOS’ systems are optimized and designed for use with various woody materials even under harsh environmental conditions. Following our global customers, materials from other regions like bamboo or rice straw have also become part of the portfolio.

Starting with the inspection of incoming goods at the factory gate via various applications in production up to inspection of outgoing goods, the online measurement of production-relevant parameters is APOS’ task.

APOS is part of the Nynomic Group, a medium-sized corporation focusing on non-contact measurement solutions in various industries. The Nynomic AG consists of the six companies APOS GmbH, Avantes B.V., LayTec AG, m-u-t GmbH, Spectral Engines OY and tec5 AG with their subsidiaries. In 2017, the group generated approx. EUR 60,7 million in sales with approx. 340 employees.



APOS is a member of the Association of the German Wood-Based Panel Industry (VHI)

As an industrial association, VHI represents the professional, economic and technical interests of the manufacturers of particleboards, MDF, and OSB as well as plywood, Wood-Polymer-Composite (WPC) and internal doors.



APOS GmbH . Am Marienhof 4 . 22880 Wedel +49 4103 / 18 78 30

The installation and commissioning of APOS Systems requires between one and three days. Well predictable and usually without system downtime!