Contact Sensor – Advantages / Characteristics

  • Ruggedized (IP 65 / Atex22)
  • By measuring in contact, ambient conditions such as extraneous light, dust and humidity are irrelevant
  • Self-cleaning by passing material
  • Maintenance-free for the customer
  • NIR bulbs stand ~8.000 hours
  • Measurement of hot materials possible up to a material temperature of around 100°C
  • Easy installation in many different conveying elements possible


Distance Sensor – Advantages / Characteristics

  • Ruggedized
  • Distance measurement allows analysis of glued, painted boards/surfaces, printing lines, forming belts, etc.
  • Also available with compressed air nozzle to keep dust off the optics
  • Nearly Maintenance-free for the customer
  • NIR bulbs stand ~4.000 hours
  • Lamp replacement is very easy for the customer and is done within minutes


Transflexion probe – Advantages / Characteristics

  • Online measurement of glue or liquids directly in the pipeline
  • Temperatures up to 100°C; high-temperature version up to 200°C available
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning
  • Cleaning cycle dependent on the liquid and flow through the probe otherwise maintenance-free for the customer
  • Easy deinstallation for cleaning even when pipe is in operation



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