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Industrial Spectroscopy

APOS as innovator of many applications in industrial spectroscopy in the wood industry

All APOS products are combinations of a set of flexible applicable hardware components, the APOS operating system CCS for application control, the APOS analytics software APC and a corresponding application, such as the ReceivingOPT software for illustration of the material and fuel receiving process.

The basis technology used by APOS is spectroscopy, mainly infra-red-spectroscopy (NIR). This technology uses the fact that many ingredients in the near infra-red spectro-area provide a reflection or absorption which can be analyzed with corresponding mathematical methods. APOS measuring heads light – either in direct contact or at distance – the measuring material. Part of the light is, as at human sight, reflected and reaches again the optic of the measuring head. The reflection is given to a spectrometer over a combined optical/electrical cable, which converts the analog light signals into digital signals.

This spectrum is examined by the APOS analytics software at certain points of the spectrum – depending of the material to be examined. Now reliable statements are possible, such as regarding the ash content of the material.

The prerequisite for this is a calibration on the measuring material. APOS, of course, also delivers this calibration and keeps the calibrations on an actual basis also after operation of the system together with maintenance. APOS has an own laboratory for calibration and cooperates with various credited laboratories.

The determined raw values are then used by APOS for various purposes, such as for APOS measuring and regulation systems.

APOS continuously develops systems, applications and calibrations for new applications in other application areas. Contact us.





APOS GmbH . Am Marienhof 4 . 22880 Wedel +49 4103 / 18 78 30

The installation and commissioning of APOS Systems requires between one and three days. Well predictable and usually without system downtime!