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APOS Maintenace Package

We won´t leave you alone!

Only well maintained systems reach high availabilities. Included in APOS maintenance package is:

Included in APOS maintenance package is:

  • SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: Our service technician visits your plant once a year (i.e. when you have scheduled a standstill), cleans and checks the total system, de-installs the sensor(s), replaces the bulbs and sets the system back in operation.
  • HOTLINE: Our hotline is available for 10 hours per year. All inquiries via email or hotline are tracked in our system. APOS provides an estimate of how many man-hours and how much time is required for solving the problem.
  • SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE: We automatically correct bugs in the software via remote control, but only with customer`s approval.
  • SOFTWARE UPDATES: APOS continuously develops control panels, analytics and user software. As a maintenance agreement customer, your system is always up to date.
  • CALIBRATION MAINTENANCE: APOS’ service engineer collects 10 samples of customer material during the on-site inspection to validate the system. APOS analyses the samples in its own laboratory, measures the samples with the APOS reference system and adjusts the calibrations on the customer´s system by remote control, if needed.

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APOS GmbH . Am Marienhof 4 . 22880 Wedel +49 4103 / 18 78 30

The installation and commissioning of APOS Systems requires between one and three days. Well predictable and usually without system downtime!