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ProcessOPT BC (Screenshot)

ProcessOPT BC

Pro-active, calorific value driven boiler control. Higher degree of plant automation-
Determination of calorific value, water and ash content in biomass fuel

Smoothen your fresh steam or thermos oil production, achieve higher output! This is where ProcessOPT BC comes into play. The system determines water content, ash content and calorific value at the measurement location using a purely optical technology and the APOS analytics solution.

The APOS application software is connected to the process control system (PCS) of the customer boiler via a standard interface. Via this interface, all necessary parameters such as steam flow/ thermo oil temperature, material feed speed, under grate wind and some other values are called off the PCS bus to analyze the current boiler state. After analyzing the current boiler parameters and running a comparison to the target parameters, the APOS application software returns e.g. an adjusted parameter such as water content or calorific value equivalent the PCS. The PCS is now able to adjust the boiler settings using the additional APOS parameters, still using its standard control schemes.

Alternatively, APOS system results can simply be provided via an interface to the customer PCS and the PCS system does the optimization fully autonomously. APOS uses different control modules of ProcessOPT BC to optimize areas in the plant management.

Available modules are:

  • Disturbance control
  • Boiler load optimization
  • CO Control

Please note that the existing boiler PCS remains the system-in-command at all times and the APOS system ‘only’ provides additional, more intelligent values to the PCS. The customer can control the system by pressing an on-off button in the PCS any time.

The APOS system is a purely optical, high availability system. Even if the APOS system should go off-line, the power plant will continue to operate in the old, less optimal mode. Thus operation is guaranteed any time.

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The installation and commissioning of APOS Systems requires between one and three days. Well predictable and usually without system downtime!