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ReceivingOPT BA - Online analysis of biomass instantly upon delivery (Screenshot)

Online analysis of biomass instantly upon delivery.

ReceivingOPT BA - Online analysis of wood materials instantly upon delivery

ReceivingOPT BA automatically measures your material supply during delivery - in real time.  The cumbersome, time-consuming and delayed analysis of individual samples in the laboratory is no longer needed.


The system automatically generates a complete documentation of the woody materials received. It creates the basis to assess the quality supplied immediately and uses the information generated for billing by water/ash/mineral content, calorific value or other parameters needed.

Key to the system is APOS’ NIR technology that delivers a set of values every 0,9 seconds, no matter how many parameters are needed for the individual application. For ReceivingOPT BA, approx. 1000 value sets are generated during the unloading of a typical walking-floor truck. These values are visualized for the yard manager and the truck driver in real time during unloading.


The ReceivingOPT software manages up to 6 unloading points in parallel.


This product is designed for quality assurance and incoming goods control. Further applications are at the discretion of the customer.

APOS GmbH . Am Marienhof 4 . 22880 Wedel +49 4103 / 18 78 30

The installation and commissioning of APOS Systems requires between one and three days. Well predictable and usually without system downtime!