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ReceivingOPT BA-T 300

Round wood and wood chip acceptance testing and QM - objective and validated data for moisture, ash and more at the round wood sampling station within 3 minutes. Sampling of sawdust and material ranging up to 100mm! Exact data about bone dry tons entering the plant. Low energy costs.

BA-T 300 is especially designed for round wood sampling, as present in nearly all woodworking companies worldwide. It is a compact system with simple handling. In addition, it comes with APOS' user friendly software application for material adoption and can be used as a quality assurance instrument. Integration into your ERP/SAP is easily possible.

The System is ideal for the analysis of small samples of about 300g - 1000g (up to approx. 2,5l), such as chip samples created with a chainsaw at the round wood reception terminal. Through an integrated shredder it is also suitable for coarse samples of up to 100mm edge length, such as fresh wood and recycling wood samples.

APOS ReceivingOPT BA-T 300 film

The measurement accuracy can be checked and audited by the German TÜV just like our other products. Tests by international auditing companies are in preparation.

This product is designed for quality assurance and incoming goods control. Further applications are at the discretion of the customer.

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APOS GmbH . Am Marienhof 4 . 22880 Wedel +49 4103 / 18 78 30

The installation and commissioning of APOS Systems requires between one and three days. Well predictable and usually without system downtime!